Phoenix / 不死鳥

Phoenix / 不死鳥

プロジェクトシリーズ: Unconditional Love / 無条件の愛

City Art Gallery Grand Rapids - USA
2011年 9月21日〜2011年10月9日

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Painting an eagle consisting of water, rising from a geyser has been a vision of mine for ages. The ArtPrize© Event has presented an opportunity for me to bring him to life.

This project here at ArtPrize© is about transformation of the earth, life and the conflicts of the world. One must challenge themselves to create and reinvent life's direction. I find that one must fight with mind, body and soul to express our thoughts away from trained routines.

I do love changes and to take each day as a new challenge. To expect the unexpected makes me feel alive. Simple pleasure in life - like a bird flying over me will bring me a moment of joy and happiness and this is what can inspire my visions for future. I love to challenge myself in each of my paintings.

The friction and heat under the earth causing pressure and forcing an explosion through which a geyser rises up. The water then forms into the Phoenix (eagle). The eagles wings close towards the center were viewers find themselves engulfed by the 3D effects of the painting. Size and preportions create a wonderful photo opportunity, which we are happy to welcome all children - young and old to come and enjoy. The Phoenix is a symbol of transformation and rebirth in life.

Memories are not bought they are created with time we spend with our family and loved one's. So please come spend some time with us and bring the children. All can step into my painting for a photo. You can download the pictures from my website. It is free of any charge. No child will be left behind.



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