Mysterious Caves in Europe / 欧州の謎めいた洞窟

Mysterious Caves in Europe / 欧州の謎めいた洞窟

プロジェクトシリーズ: The Caves / 洞窟

2011年 3月

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Mysterious Caves appear in Europe. Earlier this year a light earthquake unearthed a mysterious Cave in London. Scientists initial investigations have revealed that the cave is over 10 million years old but should not exists at this place.

Apart from its unusual geographical location "The Cave in London" conceals a secret. A green light is emitting from the depth of the lake inside the Cave. Researchers are working hard to find out the cause of the mysterious glow. Against the initial supposition the lake is not been fed by the water of the River Thames but rather exists for millions of years embeded in the Cave. The breakthrough caused by the earthquake now lets the water of the River Thames intermix with the lake. As a result the green glow is weakening from day to day.

During construction works in the German Village Geldern (August this year) another Cave appeared which is very identical to the one in London. Also in a small Village in Slovenia such a mysterious Cave was discovered. In both Caves a green lightning comes out of the Cave's Lake but it is much more intensive. In both cases it is still unclear what energy source causes the glow. Some scientist assume that an unknown type of algae is the cause. Others theory assume minerals, being a chemical compound or a mixture of chemical compounds. It is not yet clear.

The investigations are proving extremely difficult. As soon as the water from the Cave's lake gets in contact with other material than the Cave's rocks it looses his glow and turns into normal water. Unconfirmed reports state that despite highest safety regulations one of the scientist came into contact with the mysterious water and since then feels physically and mentally better. Official press statements however do not verify it.

Are those Caves a kind of fountain of youth? That would be, of course, nothing less than a historic sensation. The hopes are as powerful as any dream of humankind could be.



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