You and your work seem to be authentic. But on some web pages you can find pictures that appeared as if they are done in Photoshop and people call them fake.

Yes, I know. The thing is that I did digital drafts in Photoshop in the past. My mistake was to not sign them with a watermark before publishing them on my website. I've entitled them as digital drafts only. Now those pictures appear on other web pages taken out of the context. But as you know - you can't delete something on the Internet once it has been spread.

Those are the digital drafts:

When did your fascination with art begin?

It began in my childhood. I was drawing since I was able to hold a brush - my parents told me. From the very beginning I was fascinated in trying out every technique that I could imagine. My parents wanted to upgrade my talent and gave me the opportunity to join a painting course when I was 14 years old. But that didn't work for me. I could not stand someone to tell me what to do and how to do it. Call it rebel, if you like. Today, same as during my childhood, I am quite certain that every experience, every step you make by your own is more productive than the teachings of hundred art teachers.
In the past I did workshops for street painting as well. I always focused on the individual and never made a show out of it. I told people to do a painting that they think is impossible to do - I encouraged them to go for the challenge and just helped them to go over the deadlock.

What inspired you to focus on street painting?

I went to highschool in a small german town called 'Geldern'. It holds the second oldest street painting competition in the world. On my way to school I saw the transient beautiful masterpieces done with chalk on the pavement and I fell in love with street painting by entering the festival at the age of sixteen.
When I was studying communication design I made my living doing street paintings all over Europe. The experiences, the possibilities that opened up on the street have been a huge contrast to the life at university. The main conflict was that the kind of narcissistic Professors focused more and more on the presentation of an idea than on the creative part of it. So I decided to quit my studies and go for street painting, which felt way more authentic to me.

You are considered a real innovator as an artist and your work has even made history, with the 3D street painting you did at the Sarasota Chalk Festival in 2010. How do you gain inspiration for new projects and different methods of painting like this?

Usually I go in nature to get ideas for a new painting. A simple walk in the forests around my house can be very inspiring. My way of getting inspiration is to ask questions. What am I doing here? What can I do better? How do we create our reality? Is time linear? Do I believe in god? Some may think these are childish questions - but that's in fact the greatest compliment.

What kind of effect do your 3D street paintings have on people?

Beside personal messages and different layers of questions and sometimes even answers - I guess I´m mainly questioning the daily perception and experience of people by changing the appearance of public places.

Why do you think street painting and 3D street painting has grown in popularity recently?

Although street painting doesn't have the illegal touch like graffiti spraying it has something in common with it. The art happens in the public and young artists can reach their audience directly without any gallery or museum.
If you ask someone on the street about 3D he comes up most likely with computer games or new TVs. 3D street painting is using a different technique but also simulates the third dimension. I'm sure there is a connection.
But I also think a lot of people are changing and they are questioning their perception more and more. Have you ever asked yourself if there are more than four dimensions?

As an autodidact, you say you are always looking for new ways to express yourself. How do you see your personal development?

Time will show. Right now I love to just go for new three-dimensional paintings. I trust in my intuition and am sure it will take me to new steps.

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