A good friend visiting

5 August, 2022 Edgar Müller

Some visitors come unexpectedly. All the nicer when it’s a good friend. I always forget his last name..Lava something …. We’ve known each other forever. He is very influential and with his endless network of contacts he makes everything possible. Some projects of mine goes to his account.

However, his character is, and he says so himself, difficult. He tends to have emotional outbursts that can be really dangerous if you’re not careful. I always tell him, “Keep cool and rock on.” When he’s not boiling, he’s a sweet guy.

My good friend is a real globetrotter. Sometimes here, sometimes there, it doesn’t keep him in one place for too long. I often run out of breath very quickly, you know what I mean. When you feel like you’re going to freeze or solidified. He once said that at a party at a very late hour.