The Waterfall – day 1

The Waterfall_004
7 August, 2022 Edgar Müller

Never before have I painted such a large area. Ten meters wide and at least 30 meters long. It’s a good thing I have a lot of fellow artists from Moose Jaw to help me out. We can do it because everyone is super fun to be around.
I hardly have to give instructions, which I don’t like to do anyway. It’s going like clockwork, despite the challenge. It’s like running a marathon. Keep going, just keep going, even if the wall comes. And it will definitely come after a few days.

The Waterfall_009

The Waterfall_002

Meter by meter we work our way through. The mood increases proportionally to the area created. You can almost see the illusion. A look through the lens helps. You have to look from exactly the right point, otherwise everything remains flat, so no 3D. From the side, these are all just colored areas. It takes some imagination to picture the third dimension from here.

The Waterfall_006