3D Street Art


Transformation – 3D Street Art
28 September, 2020 Edgar Müller

We are in the middle of the Corona period. A good friend, Sven, organized a school festival and asked me if I could do a workshop there. A separate picture would also be great I’m in! I have been hanging arround condemned to inactivity for so long. If I can’t paint a 3d street painting at least once in a while, then I’m missing something. So I accept the invitation and make my way to Muhen in Switzerland.

The theme for the picture – actually self-explanatory – is the expected transformation of our old social structures caused by the virus. The shock wave is far from being attenuated. But something new can only emerge when old patterns and habits give way. Almost everyone is not willing to accept extreme changes until the pressure of suffering is high enough. Everything is turned upside-down.