3D Street Art


Transformation – 3D Street Art

We are in the middle of the Corona period. A good friend, Sven, organized a school festival and asked me if I could do a workshop there. A separate picture would also be great I’m in! I have been hanging arround condemned to inactivity for so long. If I can’t paint a 3d street painting at least once in a while,

3D Street Art

The Lava Stream

26 August, 2009

I really wanted to paint lava and best of all over a whole street. Gerd Lange, former director of the international festival of street painters in Geldern, enabled me to paint my third large-scale 3D street painting on the Gelderner Straße. Here, too, we had to deal with rain. However, not as extreme as in Dun Laoghaire.

3D Street Art

The cave in London

The Cave in London

Earlier this year, a mild earthquake revealed a mysterious cave in London.
Initial research by scientists has shown that the cave is over 10 million years old, but should not exist in this place.
Aside from its unusual geographical location, “The Cave in London” holds a secret.

A green light shines from the depth of the lake in the cave.

3D Street Art

The Crevasse

The making of my 3D painting in Dun Laoghaire
26 June, 2008

Some requests are special.
“Good afternoon Mr. Müller, would you like to paint our harbor?”
What a question. Less than two months later, I’m standing on the pier in Dun Laoghaire, planning the first steps for my second large-scale 3D street painting.
The occasion is the Festival Of World Culture. Artists from all over the world who are not exactly mainstream meet here.

3D Street Art

The waterfall

The Waterfall

The Prairie Arts Festival in Moose Jaw (Canada -Saskatchewan) was the occasion for my first large scale 3D street painting. At 280m², it was the first entry of an anamorphic streetscape in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007. I haven’t been interested in records for a long time, but in the early days of 3D street painting,